Infectious Disease

Match Selection Policy

Virginia Tech Carilion Graduate Medical Education programs follow the eligibility criteria for fellow applicants established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


This policy applies to the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program sponsored by Carilion Clinic.


  1. Candidates must apply to the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program through the Electronic Resident Application Service (ERAS).
  2. Candidates should have an 80 or above in both parts of the USMLE or COMLEX exams on the first attempt or a cumulative score of 160.
  3. Candidates preferably should not be out of medical school for more than five years.
  4. For international graduates, a minimum of six months clinical experience in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain is preferred.


  1. Candidates usually meet for dinner with Infectious Diseases fellows the evening before their interview. This affords time for discussion of curricular as well as extracurricular facets of importance to the applicant.
  2. The fellow evaluates the candidate and provides written feedback to the Program Director.
  3. Candidates are interviewed by full-time Infectious Diseases faculty and have an exit interview with the Program Director. Each interviewer evaluates the candidate in writing. The candidates will also be interviewed at Virginia Tech by faculty whose research is of interest to the fellow candidate.
  4. Candidates meet other members of the Internal Medicine resident staff to tour relevant hospital facilities and for lunch.
  5. Members of the fellow staff who spend time with the candidate complete a written evaluation form.


  1. Members of the Infectious Diseases Fellow Selection Committee rank the applicants. This ranking is derived from a grading of the general qualifications of an applicant, academic record, letters of recommendation, Dean's letter, special achievements, interviews, etc.
  2. The Director and Vice President of Medical Education review the ranking list with each Program Director to assure that applicants receive fair consideration. Applicants may make a second visit but are reassured that second visits are not expected for candidates to be seriously considered.
  3. Prior to the Match, the Infectious Diseases Rank Order List is reviewed and discussed at the Graduate Medical Education Committee meeting.
  4. The Infectious Diseases Program Director may rarely accept eligible applicants outside the Match. Any candidate offered a fellow slot outside the Match will be approved by the Director and Vice President of Medical Education.