PET/CT Scanning

PET/CT scans combine positron emission tomography (a type of nuclear medicine imaging that uses a small amount of radioactive material) with computed tomography (CT scan). This technology provides a view that allows your doctor to simultaneously see and evaluate the results of two different exams, helping to make faster and more precise diagnoses. At several Carilion Clinic facilities across western Virginia, we offer the most advanced and precise PET/CT scanning, which creates even more accurate images. When you have a PET/CT scan, the test may take up to two hours.

At Carilion, we use PET/CT scans to diagnose and monitor the treatment of:

  • Cancer, including colorectal, lung, esophageal, skin, head and neck, and lymphoma.
  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Neurological conditions.

PET/CT scans help doctors:

  • Determine whether a tumor is malignant and what stage of cancer a person has.
  • Assess the progress of cancer treatment.
  • Modify cancer treatment regimens.
  • Conduct post-cancer treatment follow-up checks.
  • Eliminate unnecessary surgeries or treatments.
  • Detect coronary artery disease, assess the extent of damage from heart disease, and determine what cardiac treatments may be best.
  • Evaluate the extent of stroke damage to prescribe proper follow-up therapy.
  • Determine what part of the brain is causing seizures.
  • Evaluate for Alzheimer's and dementia.