Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a dedicated team of local professionals. They meet regularly to discuss ways to enhance the quality of patient care.

  • James C. Thompson, Chair
  • D. Michael Hymes , Vice Chair
  • Peggy L. Riley, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kathren R. Dowdy, R.N., M.S.N., CEO
  • Kristie G Williams, Hospital Vice President
  • William J. Flattery
  • Mandy French
  • Anthony Grills
  • Antony D. Roop
  • Michael D. Rorrer, M.D.

Our Senior Management Team consists of the top–level managers at Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital (CTCH). The Senior Management Team offers leadership, expertise in their respective fields and steadfast dedication to patient–focused care.

  • William J. Flattery, Vice President Carilion Clinic Western Region
  • Kathren Dowdy, Senior Director, CNO/COO
  • Carol Weaver, Director of Clinical Effectiveness
  • Don Mullins, Director of Plant Operations
  • Carrie Boggess, HR Consultant
  • Alicia Bales, Manager of Medical/Surgical/PCU & Cardiopulmonary
  • Kim Brown, Manager of Emergency Department
  • Liz Myers, Manager of Imaging Services
  • Dora Lee, Manager of Nutritional Services & Environmental Services
  • Laura Potter, Clinical Team Lead - Surgical Services
  • David Vance, Site Manager, Pharmacy


388 Ben Bolt Ave
Tazewell VA 24651