Art Selection Committee

The idea of a committee to select, purchase and hang art in the Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital began in late 2002 with the completion of the new hospital building. Sunny and Bruce Macdonald walked through the almost completed building and began to wonder what would fill those long blank walls. Knowing that other hospitals had successful art collections and that art for many people is inspiring, healing and comforting, the couple decided to try beginning a collection at CSJH.

Since good art is usually purchased rather than donated, the newly formed committee staged a fund raiser in October of 2003, and with the help of generous citizens of the Rockbridge area as well as the hospital itself, sufficient money was raised to make about 10 initial purchases. The criteria for the art was that any medium would be acceptable (oil painting, watercolor, pastel, photography, fiber art, drawing, mono-print, etc.) as long as it was well executed and the artist was from Virginia.

Many of the wonderful pieces of art now proudly displayed as part of our collection tell a story beyond the beauty of the artwork.

For example, not long ago a Japenese family, Mr. and Mrs. Euriko Honma and their daughter, were traveling on I–64 near Lexington when an accident occurred. After the accident the family was transported to CSJH for treatment and sadly Mrs. Honma did not survive. In their sorrow and pain Misa Stuart, wife of artist Robert Stuart of Staunton, acted as a friend and interpreter. With grateful hearts for wonderful hospital care and in recognition of Misa‘s kindness and help during this ordeal, Mr. Honma purchased a large Robert Stuart painting and donated it to the hospital. This painting now hangs at the end of a long hallway leading to the conference and meeting rooms.

Another wonderful donation came from famed photographer Sally Mann. Ms. Mann donated five floral photographs in memory of her father, Dr. Robert Munger, and they now hang in the Imaging Center on the first floor.

The Children‘s Wall, a 37–foot display area on the ground floor, has been a continuing, amazing success. This special wall erected from the generosity of Otis Mead in memory of his wife Sue Ann who loved children, features art work from the students and teachers in our local schools.

Today, the Art Selection Committee has amassed a collection of over 60 pieces or art, some donated, most purchased from Virginia artists. The collection can be found on all five floors of the hospital — in the waiting rooms, reception areas, outpatient units, patient rooms, and in many of the hallways and corridors for every visitor to the hospital to enjoy.


For more information or to learn about the Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital art collection, call 540-458-3564.


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