To help make the admission process smoother and faster, you’ll receive a brief phone call from a Carilion Clinic patient access representative and be asked a series of questions. These pre–registration questions will cover general information including authorizations required by your insurance company.

If you haven’t talked with one of our Patient Access representatives and would like to pre–register, please call Central Pre–registration at 224-5200 or toll free at 800-928-2860 between the hours of 7 a.m.–7 p.m., Monday–Friday. A pre–surgical visit or phone contact will be scheduled to review your health history by a registered nurse. At this time, information will be provided to help you prepare for your procedure.

When You Arrive

Please come to the admission desk at the 4 North Entrance. However, if you are having a vascular procedure or are an obstetrical patient, please come to the Admission Office located in the main lobby.

Here, a registration representative will assist you with your admission process. During your admission process, we will verify demographic and insurance information. Please bring your insurance information and/or Medicaid/Medicare card, a photo ID, such as driver’s license, as well as written admission orders from your doctor to the Admission Office.

What to Bring, What to Leave at Home

If you're currently taking medications, and the list has not been reviewed with a pre–surgical testing nurse, please bring the medications with you and give them to your nurse so that your medication names and dosages can be recorded. Afterwards, please send the medications home with a family member unless otherwise instructed.


Before you leave the hospital, your physician will sign an official discharge order and you'll be told about any medications, diet restrictions, activities or specialized care you’ll need at home.

One of our staff members will escort you, in a wheelchair if needed, to your vehicle so that a friend or relative can pick you up.