Common Questions

What is the difference between an internship and a residency?

An internship completes one unit of CPE over a given period of time, typically 16 weeks with a commitment of two days per week.  A residency is a year-long commitment, providing regular, full-time chaplaincy responsibilities while acquiring three units of CPE.

Do I have to have a seminary degree to take CPE?

The minimum educational requirement for Level I CPE at this center is a high school diploma and reference by their local religious body.  A Bachelor’s Degree is preferable.  For Level II CPE, a Master’s of Divinity or equivalent is expected.  Ordination or participation in an ordination process is preferable

Can I get academic credit for CPE?

Academic credit is not offered by the Carilion Medical Center.  However if you are currently enrolled at an institution of higher learning they may offer credit to you at the conclusion of the CPE experience.  You will have top contact them directly for this information.

How many hours does CPE require each week?

The extended program requires 2 days per week and an overnight on-call per week, thus allowing many students to take CPE while fulfilling responsibilities of employment.

What does it cost?

Interns have a $700 tuition charge and a $50 application processing fee. Residents have a $100 processing fee and no tuition charge.  Both interns and residency will have an additional $100 fee for a criminal background check and a drug screen which must be complete for admittance into the program.

Do residents and inters get paid? What about housing?

Residents get a yearly stipend and medical benefits.  There is no stipend for interns.  Housing is not provided for residents or interns.

Does submitting an application qualify me for an interview?

No. Your completed application must first be reviewed. You will be contacted if you are a candidate for an interview.


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