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Programs of CPE at Carilion Medical Center

Level I and Level II Programs are the designations by ACPE that are connected with the students learning objectives and outcomes.

In Level I CPE, the primary educational tools and curricula design enables students to look inwardly to support, discover and ground who they are as persons.  Level I curricula, supervision and didactic presentations provide the opportunity to gain insight and reflection on who they are as persons as related to Pastoral Formation, Pastoral Competence and Pastoral Reflection.

The Level II curriculum builds on Level I outcomes of learning about oneself to being able to use oneself in ministry.  Level II CPE utilizes the core competencies of Pastoral Formation, Pastoral Competence and Pastoral Reflection and expects students to demonstrate consistently deeper theoretic skills and reflection while integrating the combination of multiple behavioral science, theological paradigms and personal reflections in the encounter and in post encounter self-evaluations. 

Extended units are part-time programs that meet for two days a week.  The fall unit of CPE will be September through March.



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