Video: Thomas Moss, M.D., a Carilion Clinic hospitalist, explains the benefits of being cared for by a hospitalist.

A “hospitalist” is a physician who specializes in overseeing the care of patients in the hospital. Hospitalists have expertise in caring for patients with multiple health problems, making sure that treatment for one medical problem doesn’t interfere with others. It may be helpful to think of the hospitalist as your lead or consulting doctor while you are in the hospital. It is the hospitalist’s responsibility to coordinate the care that you receive from everyone working on your behalf.

We’re Here for You

While you are in the hospital, the hospitalist acts as your advocate, communicating with you, your family and the other members of your medical team. Whether you are coming to the hospital for an elective procedure, were transferred from another hospital, or were admitted through our emergency room, you can feel confident that our team of hospitalists at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center is working hard to ensure that you get everything you need throughout your time with us.

Coordinating Your Care

Video: Susan Lee, D.O., chief of Carilion's Hospitalist team, explains the importance of care coordination.

Through the use of computer-based medical records and internal communications, hospitalists and primary care physicians (PCPs) stay in regular contact with one another regarding a patient’s plan of care. This allows the hospitalist access to records and information about a patient’s illness and any care they were receiving prior to admission.


At the time of discharge, hospitalists prepare detailed reports of findings and treatment plans, which are then sent to the patient’s PCP. The hospitalists also help arrange follow-up care and prescribe any necessary medications that may be needed when a patient leaves the hospital.

Our Team

Our growing team of hospitalists ensures that someone is always available to answer questions from referring physicians, patients and family members. Our hospitalists manage the patient throughout a range of hospital care scenarios, often seeing patients in the ER, following them into the critical care unit and coordinating post-acute care.

Focusing on inpatient care, our hospitalists have an expertise that allows them to recognize and diagnose unusual disorders, anticipate problems, and rapidly respond to crises or changes in the patient’s condition.

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