Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Carilion Giles Community Hospital is a group of dedicated men and women from our community who give of their time and talents to ensure access to quality health care to the citizens of Giles and other nearby counties.

  • Andrew P. Wagner, President
  • Gary L. Eaton, Vice President
  • William J. Flattery, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jennifer L. Bennett Grube, M.D., President of the Medical Staff (Ex officio Director)
  • John Tamminen, III, M.D., Vice President of the Medical Staff (Ex officio Director)
  • Kristie G. Williams, Hospital Vice President
  • Mark E. Collins
  • Winston E. Faust
  • James A. Hartley
  • Richard C. Jennell
  • Shannon Lucas
  • Chris McKlarney
  • Michael McMahon, M.D.
  • Priscilla C. Morris
  • C. Anthony Needham, II
  • Melissa D. Stump
  • Kenneth J. Walker, M.D.

Directors Emeritus

  • Kenneth L. Rakes
  • Scarlet Ratcliffe

Our Senior Management Team at CGCH is committed to excellence. This team provides the necessary leadership and teamwork for a positive patient experience.

  • Veronica Stump, Director of Nursing
  • Denise Potter, Health Information Management
  • Carrie Boggess, HR Consultant
  • Don Mullins, Director of Maintenance and Environmental Services
  • Amy Westmoreland, Director of Pharmacy
  • John Tamminen, M.D., Medical Staff President
  • Melissa Dunford, Quality Manager
  • Karen Spangler, Medical Staff


159 Hartley Way
Pearisburg VA 24134