Social Work Services

Social workers provide specialized support services that address the impact a child’s hospitalization and illness has on the family. Their goal is to help families cope with the physical, emotional and practical challenges of caring for a sick or injured child.

Experienced clinical social workers provide assistance in all areas of our hospital. Services offered to patients and families include:

  • Counseling related to hospitalization or illness
  • Evaluation of patient and family support system
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy related to medical treatment and other services
  • Discharge planning
  • Links to community resources
  • Counseling and support during times of grief
  • Bilingual communication

Our social workers are a part of the medical team and communicate with physicians and staff about families’ cultural beliefs, religion, hardships, employment concerns and other factors that influence care plans.

Social work services are supported by philanthropy and recognized as a valuable resource for patients, families and staff.