Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Active little people, children are prone to mishaps, such as bike spills or falls. Some children have health issues, known or unknown, which can suddenly turn dangerous. In any scenario, these unexpected emergencies can be incredibly frightening for all involved.

Our Carilion Children's Hospital emergency specialists are here to make sure that each one of our young patients – and their anxious parents – gets the best care available as quickly as possible. We are proud to house the region's first emergency department devoted specifically to children. See a list of our pediatric clinical guidelines.

All children admitted to our emergency room are treated by our compassionate staff of pediatric physicians and nurses, specially trained to understand and meet the unique physical and emotional needs of children.

Depending on each child's specific situation, we offer dedicated services such as the region's only pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and the third largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the state of Virginia.

If hospitalization proves necessary, your child will be moved to our children's hospital-within-the-hospital, a welcoming, child-friendly environment. Here children and their family members receive warm, compassionate care from our team of nurses and pediatric hospitalists (specially trained physicians focus entirely on treating hospitalized children). We'll help put your child at ease while delivering expert medical care. Our pediatric hospitalists will manage treatment from admission to discharge and follow-through with your regular pediatrician.

Learn about the specialized services of the Carilion Children's Hospital.