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Tanner Story

The Tanner sisters share photos of their mother.

In the Spring issue of Carilion Clinic Living is the story of a family’s experience with Carilion Clinic Hospice and the end of life stages of their mother, Betty Croy.

Beth Croy Tanner, believes that Hospice helped her mother live a bit longer to be with her family, and most definitely helped her be comfortable through the final stages.

From her mother’s diagnosis of cancer, to Betty’s fall that resulted in a broken femur, to her coming home with Beth to spend her final days, the time came to make a decision.

“I remember going to the Hospice office to learn about the services,” said Beth. “They knew my mom’s story, they knew about me and my family. They were welcoming and the decision to have them in our home, helping us, was not a difficult one.”

Beth and her sister, Barbara, are passionate about Hospice care and are making it their mission to help those nearing this decision time…to make it sooner.

“It’s the difference between worry and peace.”

The whole Hospice team was like a family…and became like family to us. I don’t know what I would have done without them, especially when I felt on my own, worried for my mom. I want to pay their kindnesses forward by letting others know more about this service.”

Beth Croy Tanner (right), Pearisburg