Home Care

Special Programs

Carilion Clinic Home Care offers a wide array of specialized home care programs to meet the needs of people in our western Virginia community.


Home is often the perfect place to recover from an illness or injury. When you are discharged from the hospital but still require therapy services, our Carilion Clinic Home Care physical, occupational and speech therapists can guide you through personalized routines designed to help restore movement and strength, and improve speech and language skills. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet—and back to your life.

Outpatient therapy services are also available at numerous Carilion locations throughout our western Va. region.


The arrival of a new baby is exciting but it can be overwhelming too. Carilion is committed to ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable caring for you and your baby or babies. After you are discharged from the hospital, our qualified registered nurses can visit with you at home through our Mother and Baby Care Program. You'll receive support and information on how to care for yourself and your infant along with suggestions for creating a safe and healthy environment for your baby.

In addition they may:

  • Assist you in assessing your infant
  • Perform blood tests
  • Schedule needed follow-up treatments

All services are provided in collaboration with and approval by your physician. Check with your insurance provider to learn whether you qualify for participation.


For some infants and young children, a condition called RSV (respiratory syncytial virus, a common infection that causes symptoms similar to the cold) can be serious. It is the most common cause of hospitalization for children under a year old. RSV can result in severe lower respiratory tract infections and pneumonia.

Those at highest risk for severe RSV include:

  • Premature infants
  • Infants with chronic lung disease or congenital heart disease
  • Young children with neuromuscular disease, immune deficiency or congenital abnormalities of the airways

The Synagis program provides assessment and treatment to prevent RSV in high risk infants. Our Carilion Clinic home health nurses visit you at home monthly during RSV season to assess and monitor your baby's health and administer an injection of Synagis. Treatment is given in collaboration with your pediatrician.


Some wounds, including pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, and skin lesions from accidental injuries may require follow-up at home. Carilion's staff has the experience necessary to conduct thorough vascular assessments and interventions. They are also experts at detecting subtle changes in wounds and managing them to promote healing.


If you or someone you love is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, we're here to provide help and support for the many challenges you'll face along the way. Our award-winning Partners in Care program is designed to provide sensitive, compassionate help and support for patients and families during the journey from diagnosis and treatment to palliative care and hospice, when it becomes necessary. Carilion is here to make sure that you receive the care you need and the support you deserve every step of the way.

We can provide many forms of medical therapy in your home. These services may be recommended following major surgery, after a life-changing illness or as a result of a chronic condition.