Heart & Vascular

LifeVest Temporary Defibrillator Study


Title: Vest Prevention of Early Sudden Death Trial - LifeVest

Description: The LifeVest is a wearable defibrillator that a patient can wear until he/she is able to receive a permanent implanted defibrillator. This trial is looking to see if wearing a LifeVest after a heart attack until it is determined whether or not the patient will receive a defibrillator will improve patient outcomes.


In general, this study is looking for participants who:

  • Are in the hospital after having a heart attack
  • Have reduced heart function as a result of their heart attack
  • Are willing to wear the LifeVest for at least 20 hours per day
  • Can read and understand English

Primary Investigator(s):
Soufian AlMahameed, M.D.

Contact Information:
Amanda VanLaeken, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: 540-853-0460