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Patient Story: Susan Hinchee

Susan Hinchee

Susan Hinchee
Cryoablation Patient

Patient Susan Hinchee of Roanoke, for instance, was treated with cryoablation-a minimally invasive technique that uses coolant to freeze affected tissue around the pulmonary vein to block irregular electrical signals.

"Susan's heart was having a hard time falling back into a normal rhythm after it went into a-fib," says Dr. Musser. "There was a six- or seven-second delay where blood wasn't pumping to her heart, causing dizziness. We put in a pacemaker to alleviate that problem. The pacemaker provided a safer recovery option for her, and we can forever monitor her overall arrhythmia through the pacemaker, which is very helpful."

"I can't say enough about Dr. Musser and his team," says Hinchee. "I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I don't have any symptoms, and I can do what I want. I can exercise again, and I now feel how I felt before I had a-fib."

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Spring 2013