Heart & Vascular

Heart Disease Diagnostics

At Carilion Clinic, reducing incidence of and death from heart disease in our western Virginia community is our priority. We've invested in a comprehensive suite of advanced diagnostic cardiovascular services. Equipped with the latest, most innovative technology and highly trained in its use, our doctors are experts in quickly and thoroughly identifying and treating a wide array of cardiovascular conditions.

Common tests used to diagnose and treat heart disease include:

  • EKG. Many heart problems change the electrical signature of the heart. EKG recordings of this activity can help reveal a number of heart problems
  • Stress test. Cardiac stress tests measure how well your heart performs when it is pushed to its maximum capacity, which is achieved either by having patients exercise on a treadmill or, in some cases, by giving a medication.
  • Echocardiogram. Our sophisticated 3D cardiac ultrasound produces images to provide information on structural issues within the heart, including its shape and size, how well the chambers and valves are functioning and whether there are any obstructions that could affect function, such as blood clots or fluid.
  • Holter Monitors. A portable unit for continuous monitoring of the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Cardiac CT Calcium Score. X-ray imaging used to identify risk for heart disease by producing three-dimensional images of calcification in the arteries leading to the heart.
  • Cardiac MRI Imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging produces still and moving pictures of the heart.
  • Nuclear imaging. Nuclear cardiology uses an injection of a small amount of radioactive material to helps assess how your heart beats and how blood flows through it while your heart is working during exercise and at rest.

Multimedia Gallery

Elizabeth Hall, P.A. explains how an EKG is used to help diagnosis heart disease.

Joseph Austin, M.D. explains how a stress test works.

David Sane, M.D. explains the difference between an echocardiogram and a TEE.