Journaling Project

Journaling Project

Writing in a journal can help relieve stress and promote well-being. Specially trained volunteers visit with patients in several hospital units to provide journals and suggestions for using them. The journals were made possible by a gift from Epic Systems.

In the journals, an insert is provided that includes writing tips and ideas to help the patient get started.

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Janet Wimmer
May 18, 2016
On Saturday April 30th, the NICU hosted a Mother's Day event for moms to enjoy a relaxing day to get a massage, to have nails painted and to create a painting for the new baby's room. I enjoyed working with moms and a few dads as they chose an idea and painted an 8 x 10 canvas in the colors of their nursery at home. What fun to have something special to take home and hang on the wall! We had everything from teddy bears sleeping in the moon to Hello Kitty paintings and baby elephants!

Tricia Scott
June 2, 2016
The healing arts program is such a gift. To the patients but also to the artists.
I was able to visit with a patient several times during her stay at the hospital. Her first words to me were that she had been on suicide watch the night before, that she needed art, and that art would save her and thank goodness I was there. No pressure.      

My Heart Was Full by Tricia Scott

As I sit with a patient and we fold squares of colorful paper into cranes or cut up old magazines for a collage, we talk about how they have been creative in their lives, of art they’ve made in the past or things they’ve seen others do and wanted to do themselves. We talk about pets and places they’ve lived or about movies and books. In this first month with the program it has amazed and delighted me how excited everyone has been to dive into the projects I pull out of my art bag and how grateful the patients have been for a diversion or company.