Committee Members

Committee Members

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Committee Members

  • Lynne Baker, Volunteer and Healing Arts Advocate
  • Gerry Bannan, Professor of Fine Arts at Patrick Henry Community College
  • Katie Snead Biddle, Expressive Arts Therapist in Psychiatry at Carilion Clinic
  • Angela Charlton, Clinical Dietitian in Oncology at Carilion Clinic
  • Shirley Holland, Vice President of Strategic Development for Carilion Clinic
  • Susan Jennings, Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Roanoke
  • Dan Keeley, Director of Music Ministries at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church
  • Talia Logan, Fine Arts Gallery Director at Roanoke College
  • Amy Moorefield, Deputy Director of Exhibitions at Taubman Museum of Art
  • Peggy Sowers, Director of Guest & Volunteer Services at Carilion Clinic
  • Connie Stevens, News Director at WVTF Public Radio
  • Kay Strickland, Chief Development Officer for Carilion Clinic Foundation
  • Marie Webb, Senior Director of Community Outreach for Carilion Clinic

Latest Posts

Come to the Table


Sometimes, when I visit different floors in the hospital, it seems like it is a no-patient-day; people being released, mothers-to-be in long term labor and delivery aren’t feeling too well and children in Pediatric Oncology and Hematology are sleeping. This is an invitation to return to my table in the lobby and to the notes that visitors and employees continue to leave in my clay boat: small, white pieces of paper penciled with notes of hope, trust, longing and despair.

Jude Prashaw



October 2015


Working at Carilion hospital as an artist-in-residence can be dangerous for the heart;

I fell in love, twice, over the past several weeks.


It was a beautiful fall day last October. Sunny, warm, and a perfect day for a relaxing bike ride.  As I loaded my bike into the car, I felt anything but relaxed. This bike ride was to try to forget the stress that I had been under the past week. It was following me around like a dark cloud. I drove to the greenway, a place where I had often come to unwind.