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Annual Report

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A letter from Daniel P. Harrington, M.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs

Daniel P.
Harrington, M.D.

Welcome to Carilion Clinic! If you are exploring educational opportunities, or have made a decision to do your residency or fellowship at Carilion, I think you will find dynamic educational programs at the core of our academic medical center. Since adopting the new healthcare delivery model in 2010, Carilion Clinic has been on a transformational journey that has taken us from a community hospital to an integrated physician led clinic where the focus is on innovation in providing the best patient centered care. Outstanding undergraduate and graduate medical education and clinically based research are vital in achieving this excellent patient centered care.

The growth in our educational programs is the result of the commitment and understanding of our board that education and research are essential in achieving clinical excellence. This expansion of graduate medical education programs has resulted in 260 residents and fellows receiving training in 13 residencies and 12 fellowships.

As part of the transformation to an academic medical center, Carilion Clinic has partnered with Virginia Tech in developing the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute (VTCSOM and RI). The medical school, which accepted its first class in 2010, has an innovative curriculum of small classes utilizing problem based learning and incorporating research and inter-professionalism into basic and clinical sciences. The school has attracted outstanding students who will have Carilion Medical Center as its base for clinical education. The Research Institute, which also opened in 2010, has developed a world renowned reputation with the research focus on neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, oncology, and inflammation. VTCSOM and RI will enhance Carilion's educational and research programs through translational research on medicine, science, and engineering while giving our medical students, residents, and fellows' unique opportunities to learn, teach, and grow in an outstanding educational environment.

At the end of the day, the strength of Carilion Clinic resides in our team that teaches, explores, and provides outstanding care to our patients. Our superb faculty and staff are dedicated to the goal of training highly competent and compassionate physicians and other health care professionals capable of thriving in the most demanding clinical and academic environments. We have high expectations of our faculty, nurses, and staff and hold our students, residents, and fellows to these same high standards. We also recognize the important contribution that each one makes to the success of our programs and the quality of health care delivered to our patients.

We welcome you to Carilion Clinic and look forward to your being part of the outstanding team that has chosen to be a part of our family. We are focused on providing patients the best care possible and at the same time giving our students, residents, and fellows the opportunity to become outstanding clinicians while learning, teaching, and investigating. If our message speaks to you please consider joining us on this transformational journey.

Daniel P. Harrington, M.D. F.A.P.A.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Carilion Clinic

Senior Dean for Academic Affairs
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine