Video: Azziza Bankole, M.D. explains Carilion Clinic's behavioral and environmental sensing and intervention study.

We know that as people get older, they have different needs. At Carilion Clinic, we're committed to providing excellent care to our aging population, so we've created innovative and comprehensive programs that enhance the lives of the elderly.

Our programs address the medical, emotional and social needs of older people, regardless of where they are, whether in their home, the hospital or at a long-term care facility.

Some of the unique programs we offer are:

  • Acute Care for the Elderly, a special unit in the hospital to provide care designed to meet the needs of our elderly patients.
  • The Center for Healthy Aging, a specialty outpatient practice that provides medical consultations, assessments, education and support.
  • A Geriatric Assessment Clinic, with family participation encouraged, offering a comprehensive examination including physical, cognitive and emotional health, along with life-planning assistance. A written report of the findings is shared with your primary care provider to develop a collaborative plan of care.
  • A Mild Cognitive Impairment Clinic, providing testing, evaluation and treatment for patients experiencing mild cognitive problems
  • A Memory Disorders Clinic, for patients with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia
  • A Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic, providing out-patient testing, evaluation and treatment with sensitivity to the special concerns facing elderly individuals
  • An inpatient Geriatrics consultation service, to ensure that hospitalized patients are receiving the care and support services they need.
  • Geriatric Psychiatry,to address the needs of people in regional long-term care facilities.
  • Medical direction and attending physician services at several regional long-term care facilities.

We know that it can be overwhelming trying to help a loved one get the care that's needed. Please call the Center for Healthy Aging at 540-981-7653.