Knowledge is power. In our new world of high-tech medicine, it is increasingly possible to assess your risk of inheriting serious diseases or medical conditions. This information can be used to take important precautions that can help protect your health and prolong your life.

Carilion Clinic offers a full range of genetic counseling services for pediatric and adult patients. Our genetic counselors gather a patient's family medical history and develop personalized risk assessments. They can also recommend options for managing a disease and inform patients about research studies that might help them.

Reasons to seek genetic counseling include having a family history of a genetic disorder, chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome, recurrent cancers, mental retardation, miscarriages or stillbirths, or birth defects.

If you are found to be at high risk for cancer, you can benefit greatly from increased cancer genetic screening and cancer prevention options. High-risk cancer screening can begin at the age of 25 or earlier, depending on risk factors. Some patients can take medications or elect surgeries to stop cancer from ever starting.

Comprehensive genetic counseling services are available for children, adults, and prospective parents.