Endoscopy Services

Video: Jonathan Bern, M.D., provides perspective on CRE infections specific to duodenoscopes.

Gastrointestinal endoscopy allows the gastroenterologist to look directly into the bowel with a video camera device called an endoscope. Gastroenterologists use endoscopy to diagnose conditions such as colon cancer, peptic ulcer disease and common bile duct stones. In addition to making the diagnosis, endoscopy also allows the gastroenterologist to treat many gastrointestinal disorders using minimally invasive techniques.

The gastroenterology department at Carilion Clinic offers the complete range of endoscopic services from screening colonoscopy to advanced therapeutic biliary endoscopy with therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound.

Below is a list of procedures that we offer to patients:

Endoscopic treatment is tailored to the individual patient. Care is coordinated with our colleagues in radiology, pathology and surgery to achieve the best possible outcome for even the most complicated gastrointestinal conditions.

To schedule an evaluation by one of our gastroenterologists, please contact your primary care provider to arrange a consultation.