Foot & Ankle / Podiatry

Research & Training

During podiatry residency training residents are required to submit two case studies and one research project. The research project must be unique and coordinated in conjunction with the Carilion Clinic Institutional Review Board (IRB). During the first year, each resident must meet with an IRB staff member for research protocol orientation. In addition to the publications, the residents are expected to present a topic at one of the annual podiatry conferences.

Carilion offers extensive research curriculum to assist residents in producing research projects. In addition to the CITI online training, the Office of Sponsored Projects provides mandatory training modules throughout the year.  Those offerings currently include:

  • Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • Introduction to Clinical Research (ITC100E)
  • Submitting a New Study at Carilion Clinic (ICT101E)
  • Study Startup and Project Management (ICT102E)
  • Research Protocol Resources
  • Tips for Using the Health Sciences Library(RPR100E)
  • Developing and Writing Research Protocol (RPR101E)
  • Data Management in Research (RPR102E)
  • Research Responsibilities
  • Clinical Researchers Roles and Responsibilities (RTR100E)
  • Record Keeping and Regulatory Documentation (RTR101E)
  • Reporting Adverse Events, Unanticipated Problems and Protocol Violations (RTR102E)
  • Project Management
  • Pre-Award Procedures for Grants and Contracts (PM100E)
  • Administrative Management of Grants and Contracts (PM101E)
  • Financial Management of Grants and Contracts (PM 102E)
  • Informed Consent
  • Recruitment of Study Subjects (IC100E)
  • Informed Consent Process for Clinical Research (IC101E)
  • Tips for Writing Better Research Consents (IC102E)

Monthly offerings at the noon hour (encouraged, but not mandatory):

  • Introduction to Medical Research-July
  • Quality Improvement: Common Tools & Project Designs
  • Knowledge-Based Resources-September
  • Turning Ideas into Research-September
  • Research Design and Methods, Part 1-October
  • Identifying Funding Sources for Research Projects-November
  • Research Design and Methods, Part 2-December
  • Introduction to Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)-January
  • Grant Proposal Writing-February
  • Overview of Statistical Applications-March
  • Clinical Research: A Statistical Perspective-April
  • IRB and Research Ethics-April
  • Publishing and Presenting Research Findings-May


Each resident is expected to participate in Journal Club, Fracture Conference and/or dissecting labs.