Family Medicine

Electronic Medical Records

In keeping with our long-standing commitment to leadership in consumer privacy protection, Carilion Clinic is actively involved with current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights in all aspects of electronic processing. Patient records and patient information are governed by U.S. and Virginia laws, healthcare regulatory requirements and Carilion policies and procedures.


When patients register at one of Carilion's hospitals or clinics, they will be asked questions such as:

  • Where they live
  • Emergency contact information
  • Phone numbers
  • Insurance data
  • Social security number

This is known as "Patient Identifiable Information" and is entered into Carilion's computing systems to become part of the patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Physicians, nurses and specialists may enter a patient's diagnosis, treatment and progress into Carilion's computing systems and this information also becomes part of the patient's EMR.

Carilion Believes That Every Patient Has a Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

All communications and records about a patient's care are kept confidential. EMRs will be read only by individuals directly involved in patient care or treatment, or by individuals responsible for monitoring care and processes related to billing, technical support, informational management and other business related activities.

Other individuals may review EMRs only with authorization from patients or their legally authorized representative. Access is based on a verified (need-to-know) basis.


EMRs are the property of Carilion Clinic and are used to:

  • Chronologically document the care rendered to a patient
  • Plan and evaluate the patient's treatment
  • Facilitate communications among attending healthcare professionals
  • Provide response to the care and treatment rendered
  • Bill the patient for services rendered
  • File insurance claims on behalf of the patient
  • Support research initiatives (Carilion participates in research projects at various levels within the healthcare industry; however, Patient Identifiable Information from EMRs will not be used in a research project without the patient's written consent)
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of our care
  • Make required reports to appropriate governmental and regulatory agencies