Women's Health University-"Wake Up to Your Sleep Needs"

Sleep is a naturally recurring state designed to help our bodies rejuvenate and get ready to take on the day. But, because of various stresses that we face in today’s world, many of us struggle with this natural cycle. Lack of sleep can do more than make you tired, it can lead to high blood pressure, depression, weight issues, and other conditions.
Unfortunately, many of us ignore our sleep problems, pressing forward at work and home while fatigue builds up and holds us back. So, if you’re tired of being tired, join Carilion’s sleep expert Frank Biscardi, M.D., for an invigorating discussion about sleep issues and how they could be affecting your life.

Light lunch is included.

Registration is required by calling Carilion Clinic at 800-422-8482.

Frank Biscardi, M.D.
Jefferson Center Fitzpatrick Hall | 541 Luck Ave | Roanoke
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