Red Hot Mamas - Don't Squeeze, Don't Giggle, Don't Run

Staying informed about your body's changing health.

Menopause can be scary for many women to think about but it's something all women will go through. Carilion Clinic is proud to be expanding the Red Hot Mamas program from the New River Valley to now include the Roanoke and Franklin County communities. Red Hot Mamas is a fun, candid, and interactive presentation, targeting women who are age 40 and older, to address transitioning into menopause.

Registration Information: Please call Carilion Clinic to pre-register at 800-422-8482.

Contact Carilion Clinic at 540-266-6000 or 800-422-8482 for more information.


Tamera Howell, M.D., Carilion Clinic GYN
Montgomery Room - CNRV Location