Camp Treehouse East

Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Camp Hopetree Retreat and Conference Center, Blue Ridge, VA

Camp Treehouse East is a day camping experience for families with children ages 5-17 who have lost a loved one. The camp provides a caring, safe environment where children are free to explore their feelings and concerns.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. Adult campers will also participate in group sessions designed to better understand a child’s grieving process and how they can best support their child’s needs.

Camp Treehouse is an opportunity for kids to meet others their own age who know what it’s like to lose a loved one. Campers will share memories and participate in many activities such as arts, crafts, music, games, and outdoor activities. No charge for attendance.

For more information, please call 800-422-8482.

Shouldering the Pain isn't Necessary

Monday 2:00 pm
Trinity Ecumenical Church | 40 Lakemount Drive | Moneta, Va.

Prevention and Treatment of Common Shoulder Injuries

There’s good news for people who struggle to remain active because of a shoulder injury. Whether you’re an athlete or just trying to reach the top shelf in the pantry—know that you don’t have to suffer through the pain. Join us for an informational discussion on ways to treat and prevent rotator cuff injuries.

To pre-register or for more information, call 800-422-8482.

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