At Carilion Clinic, we provide world-class emergency care right here in our community so no one has to travel a long distance to get well. Within Carilion's warm, compassionate environment, our staff of dedicated medical professionals will orchestrate your treatment using the most advanced equipment and methodologies available.

As a Level I Trauma Center, we have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most severe medical emergencies and we take every patient's illness or injury seriously. Whether you're worried about a heart attack or stroke, an injury or are experiencing other serious symptoms, we're responsive and committed to providing the safest and highest quality patient care.

From our 24-hour air and ground patient transport services to our Level I Trauma Center and specialized emergency medicine centers, we have developed streamlined protocol which puts you in the hands of the best possible care team—quickly.

For non-life threatening issues that need care and attention, our VelocityCare network of urgent care clinics, staffed with highly skilled specialists in emergency medicine, is open every day of the year.


If you experience any of the following symptoms, always call 911 for immediate care or go to the closest local emergency room:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Heart attack symptoms
  • Stroke symptoms
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Sudden, severe pain
  • Poisoning
  • Head trauma
  • Vomiting or coughing up blood
  • Severe or persistent vomiting
  • Suicidal feelings

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, or elder or child abuse, our forensic nursing program, located in the Emergency Department, can help.


Call your Primary Care Physician as a first option in these situations, or visit VelocityCare, urgent care by Carilion Clinic:

  • Minor cuts and lacerations
  • Sprains
  • Earaches
  • Colds, coughs, sore throat
  • Skin rashes
  • Insect bites / minor dog bites
  • Minor cooking burns
  • Minor infections