Employee Assistance Program


Resources and Forms

To inquire about becoming a Carilion EAP subcontractor, call 540-981-8950 or 800-992-1931 and ask to speak with Mandy Kern.

We select qualified subcontractors who understand the core philosophy of EAP. Our goal is to provide Assessment, Referral and Brief Solution Focused Counseling to employees of our organizations in order to support work performance, job and life satisfaction, and to contain unnecessary healthcare costs.

Our goal is to authorize timely and efficient care based on our contractual obligations and the employee’s needs, and then to deliver care at the least intrusive level.

Benefits of Becoming a Subcontractor

  • Reimbursement rates are competitive
  • Subcontractors are allowed to self-refer after the EAP benefit has been utilized
  • Paperwork is minimal
  • Our reimbursement is timely
  • Any communication with the employer is managed by a Carilion EAP Consultant
  • Clinical consultation and support is provided as requested

We request the following:

  • Our providers offer a first available appointment within 72 hours of initial contact with the employee
  • Follow our guidelines for communication on Formal and Mandatory Referrals
  • Complete intake and session notes within 60 days
  • Consult with us regarding any specific concerns related to the employee or the employee’s work performance.