Employee Assistance Program

Services Offered

Counseling Services are offered by mental health professionals to help employees and family members with the demands and problems that arise from life and work. Your counselor will assist you in identifying and implementing practical solutions to your problem. Your counselor will also assist you in identifying longer term needs and link you to the appropriate resources available in the community.

Work Site Trainings are offered to employee groups to increase knowledge and awareness around topics such as managing conflict, customer service, balancing work and life, dealing with difficult people, and other timely topics relevant to the current needs of the organization.

Consulting Services are available to assist managers and leaders of our organizations in addressing challenges with employees and work teams in the workplace. In partnership with the employee, manager, and human resources professional, performance problems can often be addressed and resolved successfully.

Conflict Resolution is provided to assist employees in resolving conflict with others in the workplace. Conflict can directly impact productivity and morale of a team. Conflict resolution is initiated through consultation with a Carilion EAP professional.

Critical Incident Response assists in managing the impact of any workplace event that may disrupt a group of employees due to psychological stress or trauma. Events such as death of an employee, industrial accidents, workforce reduction, natural disasters, threats or acts of violence or terrorism, robberies, and suicide can impact individuals, work teams and organizations. Critical Incident response is initiated through consultation with a Carilion EAP Professional and is often provided to employees affected by the event in small groups within 24 to 72 hours following the event. Participation is voluntary.

Grief Support is offered to assist employees in managing loss in the workplace. Loss of a coworker or leader can create challenges in the workplace. Grief support is initiated through consultation with a Carilion EAP professional is most effective when provided following a memorial or funeral or other celebration of life.

DOT Transportation Compliance, Qualified SAP Services provide substance abuse assessments under regulations established by the Department of Transportation. Our qualified Substance Abuse Professionals provide direct assessment and referral to employees in safety sensitive positions who have submitted a positive urine drug screen, complete all required documentation, as well as training to employees and supervisors needing to comply with DOT regulations.

Executive Coaching is provided to assist leaders in establishing and achieving clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness, improved leadership skills,employee engagement and retention, and overall satisfaction in work and life.

Leadership Development and Team Building is provided to assist leaders and teams in achieving excellence in the results they desire. A blend of training, group, and individual coaching can be provided to assist in meeting the identified goals of the organization or team.

Meeting Facilitation is provided to groups or teams which will allow for full engagement and focus of all participants. The facilitator uses a coach approach to assist groups or teams in establishing focus, commitment, accountability and momentum. Facilitation is especially useful in strategic planning sessions, team retreats, and problem solving meetings.