Employee Assistance Program

Participating Employers

To consult with a Carilion Employee Assistance Professional, call 540-981-8950 or 800-992-1931. If a consultant is not available, one will call you back within an hour.

Experts in the Human Aspect of Work

High absenteeism, accidents, disruptive behavior, and poor performance are just a few of the ways personal problems show up in the workplace. Promptly and effectively addressing the underlying problem, like drug and alcohol abuse, family/marital conflict, physical or mental health issues, can help an employee return to a high level of productivity and work satisfaction.

Carilion EAP Can Help

Carilion EAP offers employees access to counseling services provided by experts in the field. Employees can turn to Carilion EAP for help with any personal or work related problem-whether they interfere with job performance or not. Participation in the EAP is:

  • Confidential
  • Voluntary
  • Free
  • Accessible

Our EAP Consultants are added value to a manager’s “tool box.” Unlimited consultations can support managers who are facing difficult employee situations and create a concrete plan to address the problems at hand. Managers can refer employees to EAP in the following ways:

Informal Referral: A manager can suggest that an employee contact Carilion EAP for assistance. An informal referral is often made when a manager has knowledge of an employee’s personal struggles, which may not be interfering with performance or just beginning to impact performance.

Formal Referral: A manager can complete a formal referral form and review it with the employee. Completion and review of the form promotes communication of the performance concerns and extends the EAP resource to the employee. An employee’s compliance with a formal referral has no impact on any disciplinary actions taken with the employee. Their compliance is encouraged noting that seeking support and assistance may help resolve any issues contributing to the problem. Managers are encouraged to continue managing performance concerns according to their policy and procedure. Consultants are available to assist in guiding this process.

Mandatory Referral: A manager can complete a mandatory referral when an employee has violated drug free workplace policy or is a violence threat. Typically, the employee has been suspended and cannot return to work until they have sufficiently complied with recommendations and resolved the reason for the referral. Consultants are available to assist in guiding this process.