Resident Rights & Responsibilities

General Practice Dental residents are enrolled in the program for a period of one or two years and as employees of Carilion Clinic are subject to the rules and regulations governing employees as listed in the Carilion Clinic Resident Employee Handbook.

As employees it is expected that each GPR resident conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in their dealings with faculty, staff, other residents and patients of the Dental Clinics. It is expected that GPR residents will demonstrate appropriate professional behavior and dress during all aspects of their training and serve as role models to the predoctoral dental students. The attitude and professionalism expected by the residents will be discussed at orientation with the residents by the Program Director. Performance evaluations completed quarterly will critique the resident's professionalism.


Attendance is mandatory. In addition, all dental residents are expected to:

  1. Report on time for patient care, rotations, assignments, and didactic programs.
  2. Complete all necessary lab work in a timely manner (this will necessitate working before and after clinic hours and didactic lectures).
  3. Read all assigned articles and present articles as per assignment.
  4. Attend all assigned meetings (this includes selected nightly meetings sponsored by the Department of Dentistry).
  5. Attend the end of the year certificate ceremony.
  6. Participate in Postdoctoral Case Presentation - A formal case presentation must be completed in May (date to be assigned); case to be presented must be approved by Program Director. The presentation must include slides. Deadlines for selection and completion will be given by the Program Director.

A clinic schedule and listing of assignments and rotations for the GPR residents will be distributed monthly. A separate schedule for orientation is generated because it differs markedly in content from the remaining 11 months of the GPR Program.

The GPR residents are scheduled for educational activities or patient treatment during the School of Dental Medicine's calendar year (July through June). When the doctoral students are not scheduled during the winter recess period there will be no activities scheduled expect emergency clinic on an assigned basis.


Residents will receive the on-call schedule at the start of the resident year. It is the resident's responsibility to cover their assigned day or find coverage and inform the Program coordinator of any change.

Dental residents are on in-house call 7:30am -5pm and on call within a timely drive 5pm-7:30am. Residents are to stay in-house until all dental emergencies are attended to. If a GPR resident requires assistance they are to call the Chief GPR resident first and then the attending on-call if necessary. GPR residents are to be called to assist in the management of maxillofacial trauma. On-call protocol will be detailed in the GPR orientation.


Each GPR resident is expected to partake of all the academic and clinical experiences offered to them. Employment as a dentist outside of Carilion Clinic is prohibited and professional liability insurance coverage only applies to supervised treatment of patients at Carilion Clinic facilities and at affiliated sites.


Refer to the General Practice Residency Education Program Standards at the American Dental Association regarding any questions concerning this policy. Allegations of non-compliance should be directed to:

Commission on Dental Accreditation
American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-2678
800-621-8099 Ext. 4653