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There is a new "banner" on my blog.

It says Knoxville 04/27 Social Slam

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Social Slam was started by the social media club of Knoxville, Tennessee. One of the biggest (and growing) names in social media, Mark W. Schaefer, started the conference to try to make attending live social media conferences affordable for the typical person interested in social media. It will have speakers from all over the world. Many will be BIG names in social media, such as Mitch Joel (keynote speaker), Gini Dietrich, and others. In addition, Mark and his committee have initiated a new format to give relative "newbies" in the social media world a chance to be heard. So, ten speakers will each have ten minutes to tell their story. To entertain, to amaze, to inspire and to teach.

And guess what? I will be one of them.

I am really excited. Mark befriended me early in my journey on Twitter, and after I read his book: The Tao of Twitter. He has offered encouragement, guidance and friendship many times along the way.

It's going to be a little scary too. After all, I am accustomed to speaking in front of a bunch of medical people, or students, NOT social media experts. What can I say? What will I tell them?

Well, my entry into this world began when I told Mark about the Vaccine Town Hall we ran a number of months ago.  It was so successful, at least in its format, that the committee accepted my application to spend my 10 minutes of social media limelight talking about it. How we went from an idea that sprouted on Twitter, to an auditorium filled with families, medical staff and interprofessional students, listening to a few doctors talk about immunology, how vaccines work, vaccine schedules and why some doctors choose to restrict their practices to only those families who accept immunizations at the recommended schedules.

I am sure it will be fun.

I am sure I could fill 30 minutes, or 30 hours, but I have only ten minutes.

I am sure my powerpoints will have (almost) no words.

I am sure I would love to have a few folks in the audience who are not strangers.

So click on the link, and consider taking a short trip down to Knoxville. Join the fun. Learn something about social media from the real experts, and listen to me yabber for ten minutes about this blog, Twitter, Tweet Chats, and how the Vaccine Town Hall came together.


L-R Dr. Austin Spruill, Dr. Colleen Kraft, Dr. Amy Kryder and Dr. Alice Ackerman


About Dr. Ackerman

Alice Ackerman, MD, MBA, FAAP, FCCM is the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Carilion Clinic and Professor and Founding Chair of Pediatrics at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. Dr. Ackerman is recognized nationally as an expert in pediatric critical care.

She has been at Carilion Clinic since June of 2007. Her primary goals are to enhance the health care of children in the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia, and is actively working to do this both as physician in chief of the children's hospital, as well as through involvement with many state-wide initiatives.

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