Chronic Pain Management


Whatever the source, chronic and ongoing pain makes life difficult. Whether you are suffering from sudden and persistent pain following an injury or illness or pain that results from a chronic condition, it brings your mood down and makes everyday activities difficult.

You don't have to live with your pain. Carilion Clinic is pleased to offer a comprehensive array of pain management solutions to people who are suffering the effects of chronic pain. Our highly trained specialists provide warm, compassionate, and supportive care. We will work with you to identify the source of your pain and determine the best way to treat it. We can help you feel better.

There are plenty of medications available for masking pain. At our Chronic Pain Management Clinic, we treat pain at its root. We draw upon alternative and mainstream medical techniques to find ways to relieve your suffering and get you back to feeling great without relying entirely on prescription drugs.


  • It is the patient's responsibility to request the medical records from previous pain centers that have participated in your treatment
  • If accepted as a consult, you will receive a call scheduling an appointment at a date and time that is most convenient for you
  • A daytime phone number must be provided so we can contact you to schedule appointments
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early to your appointment to complete necessary paperwork
  • Treatment plans, contract, and medication management will be discussed during your first appointment
  • Narcotics are not usually provided during the first visit

It is at the discretion of the treating provider to accept or deny any patient during the initial consult. All scheduling for physicians in Carilion Clinic's 3 Riverside building will be handled through the navigated patient scheduling center. The call center numbers are 540-224-5170 or 877-827-2836. If you do not have a primary care provider, please call 540-224-5170 and we will be glad to help you coordinate your primary care.