Center for Simulation, Research, and Patient Safety

The Center for Simulation, Research, and Patient Safety (CSRPS) is an 800-square-foot facility where advanced, innovative teaching techniques and simulation technology are applied to the teaching of medicine. These dynamic tools allow for hands-on learning of procedural and cognitive skills in a critical, real-life environment with no risk to patients or staff. The CSRPS is a valuable resource that serves over 1,400 learners a year from multiple disciplines, including the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, and Carilion Clinic faculty and staff.  We also work with external partners at other area health care and educational facilities.

The CSRPS has a wealth of resources and equipment to enhance participant learning that includes a control room and two simulation rooms where clinical skill stations and team-based scenarios are performed. For clinical skills training, task trainers are used to grasp the basic concepts of a technique and to practice psychomotor skills. The next stage in procedure practice includes virtual reality trainers which are used to practice the steps of the task in sequence and make the environment more realistic. The more advanced challenge would be to perform an entire scenario from beginning to end on a high fidelity simulator in a realistic setting using team based scenarios. These stepwise procedures cannot completely replace learning by interacting with real patients, but allows for practice and self-correction with clinical guidance and quality debriefing in a controlled environment.

Our mission is to transform and enhance medical education and to improve patient safety and quality of care through the use of clinical simulation in education and research. In short, our focus is on the patient and on helping faculty, staff and students find better ways to provide safe and effective care to our patients. If you would like further information about our Center for Simulation, Research, and Patient Saftey please email us or call. Our information is under the Staff tab.

To request simulation based activities please click, download, and complete the Activity Request Form. The CSRPS staff will contact you within seven days to further discuss your request.

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