Cancer Care

Bone & Muscle Cancers

Bone cancer and soft-tissue cancers (including joint and muscle) are rare, representing less than 1% of all new cancer diagnoses each year. Soft tissue cancers, three times more common than bone cancer, are malignant tumors that can develop from fat, muscle, nerve, or fibrous tissue anywhere in the body.

Soft tissue and bone cancer are detected with imaging studies, including CT scan, MRI and x-ray. Depending on the type and stage of a patient's cancer, treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of these treatments. For some soft-tissue cancers, surgical removal of the tumor may be the only treatment required.

For some patients, radiation therapy or chemotherapy prior to surgery may be helpful in shrinking the tumor or reducing the amount of tissue that needs to be surgically removed.

Our cancer treatment program provides the full range of soft-tissue and bone cancer treatments, on both an in-patient and out-patient basis. Our surgeons, specialists in minimally invasive procedures, have extensive experience treating all types of cancer.

We encourage patients and their loved ones to participate in a wide range of complementary and alternative treatments, including support groups, nutritional counseling, massage and more.