Notice to Patients Regarding Recent Radiology Billing Statement

In early 2009, a private radiology practice, New River Valley Radiology, joined Carilion Clinic. This week an old disk containing a list of uncollected accounts from that time period was mistakenly used by our collection agency. About 9000 letters were distributed. We believe many of the accounts had already been paid and were not overdue.  All of the accounts are on hold and there will be no collection activity while we sort things out. We are very sorry for the error and will be sending a letter to all patients involved with an explanation and apology.

Information regarding these accounts has NOT be communicated to the various credit reporting agencies. The incorrect notices should not affect your credit report.

Recent Comments

Thank you very much for quickly posting the "Notice to Patients Regarding Recent Radiology Billing Statement" at your web site to clarify the situation. (My wife also received a collection letter from SCA Credit Services, Inc.).

I sent this payment in on friday will I get the check back ?

Thanks for letting us know. The check will be refunded asap. I passed your information on to collection agency and they will deal will it immediately. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Ms. Schwab,
Thank you for your comment, and our apologies for the error. It is my understanding that we have not communicated with any credit reporting agencies regarding these accounts, so it will not affect your credit report. You should be receiving a more detailed letter of explanation in the coming days. Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Hello Vecca, thanks for your comment. With no mail delivery yesterday(Sunday) or today(holiday), we expect the letters to be delivered this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow(Tuesday).

When should we be receiving the letters? It's already been more then "a few days".

Was also distressed to receive one of these letters on my mother's account, and spent much of last night searching my mother's papers to find a bill I might have missed. As I expected, none surfaced. I will look forward to receiving a letter that all is well in the near future, and thank you for putting a notice on this site so at least my initial fears could be squelched.
Sharon M. Crane, MSW

Ms. Crane,
We’re very sorry for the understandable distress you experienced. There is nothing more you need to do at this point, we will be in touch with you directly with more information about what happened.

I was contacted regarding this billing error by a collection agency. Other than an letter of apology, what procedure do you have in place to restore my credit rating?

Ms. Gorman,
Thank you for your response. Yes, many of the letters were sent in error. We're very sorry this happened. You will receive a letter of explanation. The collection agency has not shared this information with any of the credit reporting agencies, so this should not appear on your credit report.

I also received a collection letter from SCA Credit Services, Inc. out of Roanoke, VA. However, my alleged unpaid bill occurred in August 2010. In your explanation above, it referenced "early 2009". I have my Anthem EOB records from this time period where the $88.00 was paid by my insurance. Are there dates in 2010 where your error has also surfaced??? I certainly do not want my credit score affected by this mistake like all the other people listed before me!

Ms. Martin,
Thank you for your response. Yes, August 2010 is within the time period of the incorrect notifications. You should be receiving a letter in the next few days with additional information. You do not need to do anything at this time. No information has been forwarded to the credit reporting agencies and this should not affect your credit report. We are very sorry for the error and the inconvenience to you.

I just received a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe money. I cannot however find the claim on my ins. From what I read above this is a mistake??? And now I have a debt collector on my credit report?


I also received one of these letters from the collection agency, although my insurance records show that Anthem had paid for my mammography. I will contact you if I do not receive the correction letter with a few days.

Hello matwell,
Yes, you should receive a follow-up letter this week. If for some reason you do not receive one, please contact us. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you saying that I can throw away the CSA collection letter and await more specific information from Carilion?

J. Hahn,
Yes, that is correct. You should receive a follow-up letter this week.

Thank you so much for the posting. I had a small fit when I received the collection letter, as I am not no longer at the address it was sent to, and wondered it the original bill had been lost. so I pulled out all my EOBs and found it had been paid.

Thank you for this Website. I look forward to receiving your correction letter, as I looked in my records, and the bill had been paid by both my insurance companies, and I was most upset. I, too, had moved, and received the notice a few weeks after the move, and was blessed to find the old records, as so much of our things are still in boxes.
Betsy B.

What happens if we don't receive a correction letter? I know my charges were bogus. Are you sending the letters to all 9000 people? I would think next time, someone would be warned that having that many letters should have put up a Red Flag. Can't imagine having to send out that many.

Ms. Thompson,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, everyone will receive a letter. If for some reason you do not receive a letter this week, please call us.

I received a letter yesterday regarding a bill in 2010. I spent hours locating cancelled checks and my insurance claim from that dr. visit. I am glad I checked online before waisting more of my time on the phone. I believe Carilion should have contacted people as soon as they were aware of this situation instead of waiting and sending letters. Many people do not have the time to spend trying to fix your errors. It is also very scarey to be threatened by a collection agency and many people may be pretty quick to just send out the money to the agency. How will you assure them that they will get refunds?

Received 2 correction letters in the mail today, but both had the same Account# on them. The original letter had 2 different #'s of accounts. I am assuming that they are both cleared. Just wanted to let you know there may have been a problem with the correction letters sent out. Thanks.. Cindy Thompson

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