Orthopaedic Services Expand to Westlake

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Carilion Clinic has extended its orthopaedic services to the Westlake Center at Smith Mountain Lake.

“There’s a need for both general orthopaedic and podiatry care at the lake,” says William Jacobsen, vice president and administrator of Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital. “Carilion has provided both primary and urgent care services for years there, and we see many cases that require orthopaedic follow-up.”

Lake-area residents with injuries who need surgery or have osteoarthritis issues that warrant joint replacement can be screened at Westlake and referred to a Carilion surgeon.

“Orthopaedics is another specialty we can offer to lake residents to be more convenient for them,” says Don Love, senior director of musculoskeletal services. “It touches every age group, whether you bang your arm, have back pain, or any musculoskeletal problem.”

Patients may see podiatrist John L. Clements, D.P.M., on Tuesdays and orthopaedic surgeon Douglas Kells, M.D., on Thursdays. Office hours will expand as demand increases.

The new services are part of a continuing effort to better serve residents at the lake and complement Carilion’s existing urgent care, cardiology, imaging, internal medicine, sleep lab, and patient transport services there.

Carilion also recently expanded its Westlake internal medicine practice and is doing a community health needs assessment for Franklin and Bedford counties. And a new hangar and crew quarters were just built for Carilion’s Life-Guard 10 helicopter and its crew.

“Carilion has been part of the Franklin County community for over 60 years,” says Shirley Holland, Carilion’s vice president of strategic development. “It’s important that what we offer is in sync with the needs of the community.”

For more information, call 540-725-1226 or 540-266-6000.