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Carilion Clinic to open newest Carilion Wellness at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center

In its continuing focus on improving the health of the communities it serves, Carilion Clinic today announced that it will open its next Carilion Wellness facility at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg this April.

1715 Pratt at the VTCRC

Escape to Imagination by Janet Wimmer

Janet Wimmer
February 9, 2016
Putting a smile on people's faces is such a delight! This morning a little 5 year old painted a yellow bird on a flowering branch. He and I told a story about his bird who sang such a beautiful song another bird befriended him. The two birds became best friends and sang happy songs in the forest for all the animals to hear. What a precious time with this amazing little fella!

Keep Us Safe in the Storm by Jude Prashaw

Keep Us Safe In The Storm
The sliding glass doors at the front of Carilion open and suffering enters. This suffering is not limited to the patients in their rooms or the family and friends who attend them. Today, while walking through the glass doors into the volunteer office, I discovered that sorrow had also entered; recently, two women each lost an adult son and a third lost a 22 year old nephew.