Carilion Clinic Blogs

Diary by David Feldman, M.M.

This morning at the rehabilitation center I played on several floors. There was much discussion surrounding the storytelling aspect of the Bach suites. Many explained how the music brought them back to a better time in their life. Others described images that were brought to mind, such as walking through forest or an artist painting. Most of the patients don’t regularly listen to classical music, but many mentioned they would like to add some Bach suites to their playlist.

Listening, Learning, Connecting by Cara Ellen Modisett

Listening, Learning, Connecting

I've worked for many years as a reporter for magazines and radio, and sometimes my favorite part of that work has been not the writing but the interviewing. I tell students and young writers: a good interview is a conversation. It's not about the Q&A - it's about listening, learning, connecting. The words you write afterwards are a way to tell the story, to clarify and understand. And the stories we tell are the stories that connect us all as human beings.