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Reflection by Jane Lillian Vance



Today I enjoyed my second day back at the easel, after my service in Zambia, working as Artist-in-Residence at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. I received hugs, crazy job offers (no, I really can't, but it would be fun to move to Spain and paint murals for a pediatric ward; less likely, to set off immediately, this afternoon, and go sailing for indeterminate years with a quite elderly group of wonderfully jovial retired fishermen, to be paid in cornbread and whiskies, since I don't eat fish).  I enjoyed enthusiastic encouragement and great conversations. I overheard drifts of hospital sorrow, bubbles of excitement, melodies of gratitude.

The Journeys We Take by Cara Modisett

Cara Ellen Modisett

August 11, 2014


The Journeys We Take


Describe a journey you've taken.


That's the question I've been asking in the main lobby the last couple weeks – it's a question that can be answered in so many different ways, and it's prompted the most conversations from passersby of any of the questions I've asked.


Journeys are significant things – they're about goals, destinations, getting from one place to another, but they are, by their nature, also about what happens along the way.


A Smattering of Responses to Bach


A smattering of patient responses to the Bach suites today:


Prelude in G

“Sounds like a tug-of-war of emotions, constantly changing.” “Makes me think about what should happen versus what actually does.” “Reminds me of a stable person who starts to unravel.” “Brings to my mind an image of leaves falling and people running underneath.” “Manic.” “Bipolar.”