Allergy & Immunology

Video: Aneysa Sane, M.D. board certified in allergy and immunology discusses how to manage asthma.

Allergies are common and can display many different symptoms. Both genes and the environment play a role in what allergies you have. When your immune system recognizes foreign substances, called allergens, it reacts by releasing histamines, causing your allergy symptoms.

Allergic reactions can range from being merely annoying and uncomfortable, such as the common seasonal allergies, to potentially life-threatening, such as from food and medication reactions.

At Carilion Clinic, we understand that even minor allergies can affect day-to-day activities. We offer extensive testing and treatments to help you manage your condition and get back to your normal lifestyle. New patients with suspected allergies receive a comprehensive evaluation by our board-certified and fellowship-trained allergist. A series of diagnostic testing may be performed to find out whether symptoms are an actual allergy or are caused by other problems.


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