Our Team

Our team of medical, psychological, nutritional, and surgical specialists pledge to work together diligently to help you succeed in losing weight permanently, restoring your independence and decreasing health-related problems.

Because of our commitment to bariatric care, the American Society for Bariatric Surgery’s Medical Review Corporation has designated Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

Our Roanoke, Virginia-based team features general surgeons Bruce A. Long, M.D. and T.A. Lucktong, M.D. The practice in the New River Valley, known as Weight Loss Solutions Bariatric Clinic, is led by surgeon Charles D. Bissell, M.D.

Carilion Clinic Physician Team

Our Carilion Clinic team is a trusted group of physicians who practice medicine and collaborate with other Carilion Clinic physicians to provide the best possible care for you.

Charles D. Bissell M.D.
Carilion Clinic General Surgery

Bruce A. Long M.D.
Carilion Clinic General Surgery

T. A Lucktong M.D.
Carilion Clinic General Surgery

Kinga A. Powers M.D. Ph.D.
Carilion Clinic General Surgery