Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery – The Anterior Approach

At Carilion Clinic, all of our orthopedic surgeons now perform hip replacements using the anterior approach, a cutting-edge technique that enables patients to recover 50 percent faster in almost every case. With advanced imaging technology enabling computer assisted techniques, our surgeons perform anterior approach hip replacements with increased accuracy and precision.

Anterior approach hip replacement is an innovative technique that utilizes an incision on the front of the body, rather than the side or back, as is the case with traditional hip replacement surgery. This brings less disruption to muscle and tissues and, as a result, less pain, a lower risk of complications, and a quicker recovery. Benefits of the anterior approach to hip replacement include:

  • Fewer muscles are affected by the surgery, vastly reducing the lengthy healing process
  • Patients are able to bend and support their body weight faster
  • Not harming the muscles means there is less likelihood of dislocations
  • Discomfort from scar tissue is minimized.

Carilion Clinic has performed more than 1,700 anterior approach hip replacements since 2009—the most by any orthopaedics practice in Virginia.

Find out about life after Anterior Approach hip replacement surgery.

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  • What makes the difference?
  • Hip replacement cures pain caused by the erosion of the cartilage in the ball and socket of the hip joint. The surgery replaces bone with artificial parts, typically made of metal, ceramic, or polyethylene. In traditional hip replacement surgery, the surgeon accesses the joint with an incision along the side or back of the leg, which requires cutting through muscle. The anterior approach accomplishes the same goal but instead of cutting through the muscles, the surgeon can work between them without detaching them from the hip or thigh bone.