New Submissions

Please Note: Application forms are updated one or more times a year to improve the review of research and protection of human subjects. You must use the most current version of forms on this site when you are submitting research for review.

How Do I Submit My New Study to the IRB?

  1. Complete one of the following:
  2. Review informed consent requirements guidelines:
  3. Prepare required study protocol.
  4. Complete Research Training
  5. The following documentation, as applicable to the study, should be sent to the IRB as separate attachments in one e-mail:
    • Data Collection Form
    • Recruitment Letter
    • Telephone Script
    • CV
    • Questionnaires / Surveys
    • Advertisements
  6. Submission Instructions:
    • Investigators should send the submission to the IRB via e-mail.
    • For Expedited, Exempt, or QA/QI projects, please send the submission to Julie Wimmer at
    • For Full Board research, please send the submission to Meredith Talmadge at
    • Signature pages may be faxed to (540) 985-5323 or scanned and e-mailed.
    • For further information call (540) 853-0728.