This year we introduced a new way to recognize those employees and teams who consistently go above the call of duty--these exceptional examples of our organization's values: the Carilion Clinic Values Awards. Listed below are the employees and teams who received the inaugural awards:


Commitment: Unwavering in Our Quest for Exceptional Quality and Service

Kelly Howard, Property Maintenance

Kelly Howard exemplifies excellence in providing service for our facilities. When two floods in less than a week threatened the Roanoke Salem practice’s operations, Kelly was able to creatively coordinate repairs so patients could be seen safely.


Honorable Mentions: Jill Newton, Speech-Language Pathology, CRMH

                                                Sandy Sayre, N.P., VICU, CRMH


CommUNITY: Working in unison to serve our community, our Carilion family and our loved ones.

Carilion Tazewell CommUNITY Team

Alicia Bales, Kim Brown, R.N., Trish Casey, Kathren Dowdy, R.N., Dora Lee, Liz Myers, Loretta Remines, R.N., April Rose, Kathy Stacy, David Vance, Gale Viars, Carol Weaver, R.N., and Marnell Wolfe

The Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital team shows its community-first attitude by volunteering approximately 470 hours to the local community each year. Activities range from blood, food, and school supply drives to providing screenings and education on health issues and partnering with local groups to improve the lives and health of the community members.


Honorable Mentions: Melanie Morris, R.N., Carilion Transfer and Communications Center

                                                Kellen Smith, Acute Care Physical Therapy



Compassion: Putting Heart into Everything We Do


Sameh Aziz, M.D., Ronak Desai, M.D., Lucia Driscoll, Lisha Osborne, R.N., Jordan Schooler, M.D., Farhan Sheikh, M.D., and Susan Tuck, R.N.

The 8 MICU team provided a great care and service to a patient and family during the last moments of life. A patient traveling by medical flight from Mexico to India was forced to land in Roanoke and was admitted to 8 MICU at CRMH. Using iPads and Skype, the team connected with the patient’s family in India and Mexico so they could be with him as he passed away and provided cultural prayers and traditions to comfort the family.


Honorable Mentions: Brenda Early, Environmental Services, CNRV

                                                Amanda Mullins, R.N., Hospitalist Section, CRMH


Courage: Doing What’s Right for Our Patients without Question


Martha Devinney, Practice Support, Riverside

Martha had the courage to accept a challenge and provide leadership to the CASB Call Center for physician practices at Riverside through a time of change. Through her efforts in working with both a steering committee and her employees, she has helped c reate a supportive culture that attracts and retains staff and improves customer service.


Honorable Mentions: Bud Grey, Wellness/Fitness

                                                Tina Renick, Clinical Nutrition Services, Carilion Medical Center



Curiosity: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in our Pursuit of Excellence

Brandon Jones, R.N., Emergency Department, CRMH

Brandon’s quest to provide the best possible experience for our patients in the emergency department became a journey of changing the culture for our patients. Through his curiosity he was able to ask himself and others questions and research data to make a positive impact on outcomes.


Honorable Mentions: Dianna Coffey, R.N., Carilion Clinic Life-Guard

                                                Rebecca Clark, Ph.D., Nursing, CRMH



Honor Roll

In addition to this year’s award recipients and honorable mentions, many employees and teams were honored by colleagues by being nominated for the Values Awards:


Ann D. Blum

Stephanie Q. Burton

Margaret A Cronise, R.N.

Rachel E. Decker

Drupal Project Team

Ruth E. Endicott

Tedford B. Falls

Brian L. Finn

Kim Hall, R.N.

Hospitalist Advanced Care Providers

Internal Autit and Compliance

Sonya S. Kade, L.P.N.

Katrina Leonard, R.N.

Katie L. McClellan

Human Resources Organizational Development

Anna Marie Richardson

Christina A. Richardson

Charles M. Terry

Stephanie M. Trail, R.N.

Brenda P. Skelton

Adelaida Stambol

Amber R. Williams, R.N.

Gail D. Wells

Tracy B. Wright