About Carilion Clinic Police

Keeping watchCarilion's Law Enforcement Agency

The Carilion Clinic Police and Security Services Department is a fully empowered state law enforcement agency. We are a member agency to two police academies in the Commonwealth. They are the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy, located in Salem Virginia, and New River Criminal Justice Training Academy, located in Dublin, Virginia.

The agency employs 25 sworn police officers, who provide law enforcement services to the Carilion Clinic campus. Our officers receive on-going training to maintain proficiency in their daily duties.

The department also employs 30 security officers who handle non-police tasks. Security Officers are required to be certified through both the Department of Criminal Justice Services and the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security (IAHSS) training curriculum. Security Officers provide services such as motor vehicle assistance, managing patients valuables, building security and staffing information areas during the evening and nighttime hours.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe environment for the Carilion Clinic community. Protecting life and property, deterring and investigating crime and maintaining public order are among our top priorities.

However, no police agency can be effective without the help from the community it serves. Our department’s success relies, in part, on the involvement of the hospital and college communities. We encourage all community partners to become aware of crime prevention measures and to participate in our crime prevention educational offerings. Through a collaborative effort, we hope to make your experience at Carilion a safe and enjoyable one.