Maternity Care

When it comes to starting a family, everyone’s journey is unique. Whether you are just starting on your path to parenthood or have a growing family, you can rely on us as the smart, safe place to go. Trust Carilion Clinic and our skilled doctors and nurses to provide a safe, secure, skilled, comfortable and caring environment to welcome your little ones.

Carilion offers the most extensive and experienced maternity and neonatal intensive care in western Virginia. During your pregnancy, labor, delivery and after your baby is born, you will have access to a complete range of high-quality maternity and neonatal services. We offer an exceptional maternal fetal medicine center and extensive childbirth and parenting classes. Our state-of-the-art care labor and delivery facilities that are homelike and comfortable and Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in our area with an anesthesiologist always here, so you can get an epidural when needed, no matter what day or time you need it. Our nurses are trained to provide breastfeeding advice and support. Our skilled team of top medical experts is always on duty to deal with any problems that arise.

Prior to becoming pregnant, an appointment with an obstetrician can be very helpful. The doctor can perform a full physical, gather a personal and family medical history, and assess lifestyle issues that may impact a healthy pregnancy. Once you’re pregnant, regular visits to an obstetrician are essential for good prenatal care. To find a Carilion Clinic obstetrician near you, visit our Find a Provider section.

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