A “hospitalist” is a physician who specializes in overseeing the care of patients in the hospital. Hospitalists have expertise in caring for patients with multiple health problems, making sure that treatment for one medical problem doesn’t interfere with others. It may be helpful to think of the hospitalist as your lead or consulting doctor while you are in the hospital. It is the hospitalist’s responsibility to coordinate the care that you receive from everyone working on your behalf.

While you are in the hospital, the hospitalist acts as your advocate, communicating with you, your family and the other members of your medical team. Whether you are coming to the hospital for an elective procedure, were transferred from another hospital, or were admitted through our emergency room, you can feel confident that our team of hospitalists is working hard to ensure that you get everything you need throughout your time with us.

Carilion Clinic Hospitalist Team

Lyne B. Aigner, Jr., M.D.

Kent R. Aikin, M.D.

Shahid Ali, M.D.

Carrie E. Baker, PA-C

Monica Baldwin, PA-C

Kenneth L. Belcher, M.D.

Wondaferew Berhie, M.D.

Jennifer L. Bennett Grube, M.D.

David J. Boone, D.O.

Jonathan Boring, D.O.

Benjamin Davis, M.D.

Kelly Dinh, PA

Krishna Dondeti, M.D.

Neil K. Dorsey, M.D.

Kristin R. Dryer, NP

Ashraf El-Dabh, M.D.

Carlos A. Estrada, M.D.

Ajay Gupta, M.D.

Shafali Gupta, M.D.

Chad Henry, M.D.

Kari B. Hurley, PA

Sahil Jaiswal, M.D.

Laura H. Jones, N.F.P.

Kunal Joshi, M.D.

Senaida Keating, M.D.

FNU Kelash, M.D.

Julie King, NP

Abhishek Krishna, M.D.

Manil Kukar, M.D.

Benjamin LaFon, P.A.

Susan Lee, D.O., Section Chief

Michelle Marks, F.N.P.

John O. Marsh, M.D.

Monica Martin, M.D.

Susan D. Martin, FNP

Michael McMahon, M.D.

Zelalem Mengistue, M.D.

Andrea Morgan-Bedasse, M.D.

Chigozie Moronu, M.D.

Marappa Nalle, M.D.

Tristen Pack, P.A.

Amitabh Parashar, M.D.

Srihari Penkulinti, M.D.

Sherry Penland-Ismatov, D.O.

Leilani Pilar, M.D.

Suresh Ponnada, M.D.

Nripesh Pradhan, M.D.

Manoj Ramachandran, M.D.

Alvaro Reyes-Padilla, M.D.

Jorge Rivera, M.D.

Mark Saab, M.D.

Om Samantray, M.D.

Hemendra Sarda, M.D.

Suchet Sarda, M.D.

Lorrie Saville, N.P.

Najib Sawaya, M.D.

Mikesha Shah, M.D.

Cecil (Kip) Short, P.A.-C.

Ambihai Sinnadurai, M.D.

Albert Takem, M.D.

Angela Venuto-Ashton, M.D.

Bogdan Vladu, P.A.

Paul Watson, P.A.

Brad Weaver, M.D.

Hima Bindu Yalamanchili, M.D.