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Hope Floats

I walked into her room in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“I’m an artist,” I said.

“Awesome,” she said.

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I Don't Know by Jude Prashaw

“Hello,” I said, as I entered his hospital room:  his thin lips pressed into a grimace, his head bent toward his blanket   He did not want to play in clay.   He did not look at me, even though last week he had fun making a small, bug-eyed sculpture.

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Life is a Journey - Jude Prashaw

"Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race, and it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible."Richard Kamler     


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Latest Experience from the Artist-in-Residence

1-3-14 I played in the main hospital lobby for almost two hours today. I spoke with many people including a retired education professor and a student pursuing musical theater (at Mary Washington. This space was busier than usual, perhaps because of the sub-freezing temperatures outside.

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Please DO Stop & Stare: Artist-in-Residence Jane Lillian Vance

In the summer of 2013, a Carilion interview committee gave me the honor of being selected the new Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program's first Artist-in-Residence. My three-month rotation comes to a conclusion just around Thanksgiving, a perfect time to reflect on what I have observed.

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